Dream 500

Young Living is offering an absolutely dreamy incentive this year for YL business builders. The top 100 participants with the most points in the Dream 500 contest will receive a free trip to the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, an area known worldwide for its crystal-clear waters, bright sun, and gorgeous beaches.
The next 400 top participants will still receive a slew of valuable and exciting prizes to help encourage them to go the extra mile and get ahead with their YL business.


Young Living Breakthrough (YLB) is an APAC training and incentive program for high-achieving business builders!
YLB aims at discovering & training up intentional leaders through a 4-month intensive goal-setting program offered in April through July. This program is available in the Philippines and selected APAC markets.


Silver Bound rewards you for how you build your Young Living business during the starting ranks! Members can earn one-time cash payouts for ranking up and hitting leg and Organization Group Volume (OGV) requirements within a specific time frame.
All builders who have achieved the rank of Executive and below for the first time may qualify!


Starting today, April 1, qualifying Silvers can join the Bridge to Gold Program to earn a FREE Premier Aroma collection! Get the exclusive case full of oils valued at $2,800 USD!
The Bridge to Gold was designed to help distributors make the essential transition from Silver to Gold.