Celebrating You Is What We Do!

Our newly introduced Silver Bound bonus program is just another way we get to celebrate your drive, passion, and love for sharing Young Living. Structured in a way that helps you build a sustainable business, Silver Bound means each time you rise to a new rank, not only do you get a cash-in-hand bonus, but we get to celebrate your success!
What does this mean for you? This means that your hard work will be better recognized than ever! You get to enjoy the pride of your achievements and the lives you’ve improved by introducing natural, toxin-free products into homes that need them. It’s a pride that you'll happily wear on your sleeve.
Not everyone will achieve these bonuses, but anyone can, and we believe in you!
Start your path to qualify for Silver Bound today!
Here’s a snapshot of how it works:
For the complete details of our new Silver Bound program, please visit the Silver Bound landing page today!
Congratulations to the current Silver Bound qualifiers for each rank:
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Click here to view previous months’ Silver Bound qualifiers:
We love all our members and the work they do to share Young Living with the world and improve the lives of so many people. To you Silver Bound qualifiers: Your success means more people enjoying whole-life wellness. Way to go!